Motion Graphics

Animated graphics for post-production work.

Motion graphics in post-production breathe life into visuals. They amplify storytelling, adding dynamism and depth to videos. These graphics elevate the overall visual appeal and make the content stand out. We often work with agencies to complement their video edits with lower-thirds, chapter titles, infographics, various B-roll animations and data simulations.

  Contextual floating graphics
  Fullscreen B-roll animations
  Support the story being told
  Elevate the production value

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videosova 5 stars

“Very efficient with only one round of feedback. Nice work!” – Brett, Better Therapeutics

videosova 5 stars

“It was a very demanding project and we’re extremely happy and proud of the result.” – Yoav, Fiverr

videosova 5 stars

“Easy to work with and nothing was ever an issue. Highly recommend!” – Kendrick, UAre


6 steps for classy motion graphics


We ask you some questions about your project to get a general idea of what you're looking for.


We go through all necessary graphics and define directions, types, durations, content and appearance for each one.

Style frames

We create first batch of graphics so you can see how it will look like and where we are heading in terms of design and aesthetics.


After approval, we design all other graphics and make them ready for animation.


We animate the graphics based on timecodes so that everything is nicely synchronized once placed in the edit.


We carefully go over even the smallest details to ensure all motion graphics look perfect.

New Project

* Post-production process may vary depending on the specific needs of the client and the general agreement.

Video Extras

Enhance visual appeal.

In video storytelling, it is very important to support the spoken word with unique animated graphics so that viewers can better understand your story. Reach out to us with your project details and we will provide you with a customized quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1.

Do I need motion graphics?

Motion graphics can enhance storytelling by visually reinforcing key points, providing context through infographics, guiding the viewer's attention, and creating a more dynamic and engaging overall viewing experience.

FAQ 2.

How to add them to my video?

Easy! All motion graphics are delivered in .MOV PRORES 4444 format, which has alpha transparency and is easily placed over your video. Additionally, we can offer you .MOGRT files so you can customize the graphics on your own.

FAQ 3.

Can you help us with video editing?

We mainly focus on animated graphics and usually work with a dedicated editor who composes your video, adds graphics and sound. If you don't have an editor, contact us and we'll give you some options.

FAQ 4.

What is the price?

The price is defined based on the unique needs of each project. Not all projects are the same, therefore, the production time also varies. Contact us with your requirements and we'll make a detailed cost estimate.

FAQ 5.

Do you collaborate with agencies?

Of course! We collaborate with other teams when it comes to larger projects that require closer engagement. We fit into different ways of working and adapt quickly to specific flows and hierarchies within different agencies and companies.

FAQ 6.

What about copyrights?

All rights are reserved by the agency and the final video can be shown freely in paid and non-paid marketing channels. VideoSova studio reserves the right to show the project or parts of the project in its portfolio, after the agreed time.


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