Explainer Video

Agora - Real Estate
Investment Platform

Introduction video for Agora web platform. It is a designated software solution for real estate investment firms to build trust with investors, accelerate every aspect of their business and grow faster with optimal operational efficiency.

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4 steps to final delivery

Animation Process

1. Storyboard

An essential part of the animation process is the storyboard. It provides a visual hint of what the video should look like, but also ensures we’re on track in terms of the layouts and required graphics. It’s coming right after we finalize the script.

2. Animatic

Now, we combine storyboard with approved voice-over and create an animatic video that will greatly help us to determine pace and timing. Only after the client approves the animatic, we approach the final animation.

Watch animatic

3. Illustrations

In the meantime, we are preparing graphics and illustrations that will be used in the animation phase. Everything has to be approved by the client before we start playing with the timeline and keyframes.

4. Animation

And finally, animation. This is the part we enjoy the most. First we do primary animations and later we enhance everything by adding secondary animations. As a finishing touch, we have one more pass of fine-tuning and then everything should be smooth and fluid.

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