Explainer Video

Fiverr - Architecture

The Fiverr team hired us to create an introductory video for the new Architecture category. It’s a combination of real footage and animated elements used as a video explainer for a new gig category on their website.

Watch our video for Fiverr Architecture
Explainer Video

Fiverr for business

Once again, Fiverr hired us to create a video for their new feature “Fiverr for business”. We’ve animated the Fiverr UI screens to explain the benefits this platform brings to teams and how it helps manage their business freelancing activity.

Watch Fiverr for business
Motion Graphics

Fiverr - IPO Roadshow

Our favorite marketplace for freelance services hired us again to create some unique motion graphics for their IPO roadshow. We did a whole bunch of product UI shots that were used in a 30 minute investor video.

Watch compilation video

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