Explainer Video

NEBS - EU Movement

Series of short clips where we get a closer look at the connection between Switzerland and Europe, and give a reason why Switzerland should consider being an official part of the EU. The NEBS is the only non-partisan organization in Switzerland that is committed to European voting rights in favor of the Swiss.

Watch our video for NEBS
4 Commercials

Short Clips

1. Tandem Bicycle
2. Row Boat
3. University
4. Ping Pong

What is a storyboard?

Storyboard is an essential part of the animation process. It is a series of ordered drawings that show how the video will unfold by breaking down the action into individual panels.

Importance of animatic

The combination of storyboard and approved voice-over creates an animatic video that helps us determine the pace and timing. Only after the client approves the animatic, we approach the final animation.

Watch NEBS animatic

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